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Last updated: 02/07/2021
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1. The following "Terms and conditions" govern all relations between the following parties: - New Generation Hostel Impresa Sociale S.r.l. (tax code 10017090969 based in Via Aurispa 7, 20122 Milan - Italy or other entities affiliated to it (hereinafter also “New Generation Hostel”, “we”); - And each user of the service ("you" or "your", "Guest" or "Booker" on a Booking); whether they are initiated through direct access to websites, apps, newsletters, subscriptions, emails and / or other digital properties or through personal contact at our facilities. 2. By accepting these terms, the user also understands and agrees to the Privacy of New Generation Hostel, which is a part of it, as described in detail in the Global Privacy Statement pursuant to art. 13-14 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) n.679 / 2016, and published on the website.

Any user wishing to access the services is required to register online.

Any user over the age of 18 who wants to book a bed is required to register online, using their email address correctly. Users under the age of 18, who want to book a bed must be assisted by an adult, who registers online and expressly declares to play the role of legal guardian of the minor. Users under the age of 16 are not allowed. Children between the ages of 3 and 16 are admitted, only if accompanied by a parent (or an adult with full responsibility for the minor) who books for themselves and for the child. Any other case is excluded. New Generation Hostel and the hostels do not host children who are less than 3 years old from the check-in date. All children, even very young children, are charged according to the room capacity and pay the normal rate, but the government tax may vary. By booking, each user fully accepts the rules of the hostel in which you have booked, as published on the website or at the entrance to the structure. Each user can also book on behalf of other Guests, provided that they accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all Guests, taking responsibility for managing and transmitting any communication relating to the Booking, including these Terms, to all Guests for whose account makes the reservation. If the Booker is not a Guest, you will need to provide the primary Guest's email and telephone number so that they can be contacted directly in the event of a change and / or cancellation of their booking.

At the end of the purchase process, a booking reference is generated and at that moment the contract between the hostel to which the Booking refers and the Booker must be considered concluded. If a booking reference or booking confirmation is not received, the contract has not been finalized and it is necessary to contact the hostel to which the booking refers to the e-mail address indicated. In case of use of incorrect email addresses, or incorrect telephone numbers and / or inaccurate or incorrect credit card numbers, the purchase process may not be completed successfully and no booking reference will be generated. New Generation Hostel is in no way responsible for the incorrect use of email addresses, telephone numbers or credit / debit card numbers.

It is possible to make a reservation for large groups under "group reservation" by specifying in the request the location of the hostel to which the reservation refers.

It is possible to change the reservation to another available date only if it is a "Standard" rate. The "Non-refundable" rate does not include any changes.

It is possible to change a guest's name on a reservation to someone else's name by paying a name change fee. The guest cannot resell his reservation to someone else. New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right to cancel any Reservation, without refund, if reasonably deemed to have been resold or made available for resale (including, but not limited to, via any online marketplace).

It is important that the Guest's name is spelled correctly on the booking confirmation and online check-in and that it matches the name on the travel document (with photo identification). Otherwise, it will be necessary to correct the reservation as soon as possible, through the web check-in through the website, or through the link received on the booking confirmation email. If it is not possible to make the correction online, you will need to contact the hostel directly. No additional costs will be charged, only if it is evident that it is a mere spelling error and not a change of booking made in the name of another person.

Change fees depend on when the change is made and the channel used to make the change. You can make changes: - on the Website or through our App, at least 6 hours before arrival; - speaking directly with the hostel, at least 3 hours before arrival. The time limits set forth in this Section are based on the arrival time of the original Reservation or the Reservation you wish to switch to, whichever is earlier.

It is possible to change the details of the travel document in the "Manage reservations" section, for example in case of replacement or loss. Once you have checked in online, any changes must be made through the website, or through the link received on the booking confirmation email. If you make any changes to your travel documents after you have done web check-in, you will need to re-check in online and update your details. Each guest is solely responsible for verifying and complying with all applicable laws and document requirements of any country to which they travel to, from or through. New Generation Hostel and the hostels are not liable to the Guest in connection with obtaining the necessary documents or failure to comply with Applicable Laws, Requirements or these Terms. Completing the web check-in does not guarantee that the guest is accepted or eligible to enter the hostel. New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right to refuse to host any Guest deemed reasonably non-compliant or whose documents are reasonably deemed non-compliant with these requirements, or where required by government authorities to do so.

New Generation Hostel and Affiliates (and / or Partners) do not accept cash. Before submitting any request, each user must register a credit card (a "payment card") to be used for purchases. Each user is also required to show a credit card upon arrival at the reception. It is understood that New Generation Hostel may use third party providers to securely store payment card details and process payments and that, upon registering a payment card, it has the right to verify that the payment card is valid and that the user is of age.

When booking, the user can choose between two different purchase options: i). Booking with non-refundable rate: Very competitive price. The reservation is prepaid and non-refundable. Payment must be made and completed at the time of purchase. the Booker must pay in full at the time of booking and is not entitled to any refund. ii). Booking with standard rate: List price. The reservation can be canceled up to 7 days before the arrival date. After this deadline, the Booker must pay the reservation in full. If the payment is not made in real time and subsequently it is found that it has not been successful or its subsequent cancellation, the user is prompted to pay by email and if the reservation is not paid within 24 hours of the reminder, or at least 24 hours before arrival (whichever is the earliest), the Reservation may be canceled.

Rates are payable in the currency indicated at the time of booking. If the Guest adds extras or makes changes online or by phone, they will be charged the commissions in the same currency as the original Reservation. If such an addition is requested at the hostel, the fees will be charged in the local currency.

When a booking is made, the applicable government tax is passed on to the Booker who agrees to pay that tax, as required by law. Each hostel independently applies any other taxes and fees required by law. In the unlikely event that the government tax increases after making a reservation, the Booker agrees to pay the difference between the amount already paid and the remainder, if communicated by the hostel.

New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right to recover expenses due to any additional costs incurred due to misconduct, violation or failure to comply with the relevant requirements. For this reason, a security deposit of € 20 can be pre-authorized by credit card, prior to arrival, or upon arrival at the hostel reception. The security deposit will be automatically canceled upon check-out if no damage is found.

Unless otherwise indicated, the rates refer to the single bed and do not include other extra services. Extra services can be purchased during online check-in or at the hostel and will be counted at the time of purchase. The purchase of extra services online is prepaid and non-refundable, and in the event of cancellation of the reservation and no-show at the hostel, the Booker is not entitled to any refund. Some offers and prices may not be available for all locations.

All extra services are subject to availability at the hostels where you will be spending your trip. Some hostels don't sell all products. Images of items and packaging on online services are examples only and may not be identical to the product or packaging you receive from a hostel. The differences may be due to the device's color display or factors such as the supplier and region of the country. Visit the Fees and Charges Policy for a complete overview.

New Generation Hostel and hostels use an automatic accommodation assignment system. If you require a specific bed (upper / lower bed) the request is subject to availability and is subject to a fee: you can contact the reference hostel directly at the time of booking or later online at the time of web check-in. The rate varies according to the bed category. Some of the bed categories include other perks like fully made bed, traditional Italian breakfast and towels, soap and shower gel. Please see the Fees and Charges Policy for a complete overview. If the Guest makes a reservation for himself and for other Guests, the system will try to allocate all the beds related to the Reservation in the same dormitory, but this depends on availability and is not guaranteed. It is possible to request the assignment of all members of the same reservation in the same paid room, by contacting the hostel where you intend to book, either at the time of booking or later online at the time of web check-in. If the Booker chooses to select a specific bed, all other beds related to the same Reservation must also be allocated. Please see the Fees and Charges Policy for more details. All beds are subject to availability. For operational or safety reasons, New Generation Hostel reserves the right to change the choice of bed before the guest arrives.

New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right to cancel your stay or Reservations, deny check-in or take other actions to protect other users and / or the property and / or affiliates, with or without notice. , self: • it is not possible to provide, upon request, the contact information of the cardholder to allow security checks to be carried out; • the cardholder has not authorized or disputes the authorization to pay and / or claims that the Booking is fraudulent; • the user refuses the payment (or the Booker fails to pay on his behalf) the appropriate rates, the deposit or any other pending charge related to your Booking; • there is a reasonable suspicion that the Booking or any information relating to the Booking (provided by the cardholder, the Booker or a Guest) is fraudulent, misleading or inaccurate; and / or that the cardholder, the Booker or any Guest of the Reservation is connected to any other fraudulent activity.

It is possible to receive offers through online services. The single offer may only be available through a particular online service and for the product shown and subject to availability, only in participating hostels and up to the expiration date; No more than one offer can be received for each visit to the hostel and the transfer of the offer received to third parties is prohibited.

The web check opens upon confirmation of the Reservation and is communicated by e-mail. Before arriving at the hostel, it is necessary to do web check-in for all guests related to the reservation. The guest is responsible for ensuring that the information sent is accurate, truthful and up-to-date if the travel documents change. Upon arrival at the reception, it is necessary to show the same document used for web check-in. Only guests who make a reservation can carry out the web check-in, if other guests were added during the web check-in, who do not have a regular reservation, New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right not to host any guests additional and / or to charge additional costs and charges.

All guests including minors must provide a valid photo ID when completing the web check-in. The same document must be shown at the document check, during the check-in at the hostel. The identity document must not have expired. Minors under the age of 18, not accompanied by an adult, must have a signed authorization and a photocopy of their identity document from a parent. Documentation requirements for children may vary from country to country. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that all Guests on the Booking are in possession of a valid, unexpired identity document. Online Check-in is mandatory prior to arrival, otherwise, a 3 EUR fee may be charged.

Check-in time - Check-in at the hostel starts at 14:00. Early Check-in - It is possible to check availability for Early Check-in by contacting the hostel directly one day before, or upon arrival at the hostel. Please see the Fees and Charges Policy for more details. Early Check-in allows Guests to check-in at the hostel anytime from 3:00 a.m. at 11:00 a.m. Departure time -: Check-out is at 11:00. Late check out - It is possible to book late check-out until 2.00 p.m. if you wish to leave the hostel later by contacting the hostel prior to arrival, or while staying in the hostel until the day before the scheduled departure. Please see our Fees and Charges Policy for more details. After 2.00 p.m., if the check-out is not carried out, an additional daily rate must be paid. For more details, see the Fees and Charges Policy.

All Guests are required to show a credit card upon arrival at the reception. Once at the hostel reception, you will need to: • Show travel documents; • Pay the required government taxes; • Pre-authorize the security deposit, if required; • Carry out and pay for the check-in at the hostel counter if it has not already been completed online. At the hostel reception, each Guest will be given a key ring containing the room key and the locker key. The number on the key ring corresponds to the room number, the bed and the locker.

At the reception you will be given a key ring with 2 keys, containing the room key and the locker key. Pay attention that the 2 keys have different shapes. The keys must be fully inserted into the lock before turning it and opening the door. If one of the keys does not go into the lock, or does not turn in the lock, it could be the wrong key to open that lock. Don't force the key and try the other one. If you still can't open the door, just ask one of the Welcome Crew Team members in the hostel, who will provide assistance. If the key gets stuck in the lock and no member of the hostel is called, you may be subject to specific rates, which must be paid immediately. The rate varies according to the category of damage and the door. For more details, please see our Fees and Charges Policy. Each guest is responsible for the keys for the entire period of their stay at the hostel and must return the key ring intact to reception upon check-out. If the guest does not return the keychain, or if he returns it, but there are missing or broken keys, the guest is subject to specific fees, which must be paid immediately. The rate varies according to the door category. For more details, please see our Fees and Charges Policy.

The bed number will be clearly visible in each room, which is the same as the locker number that has been assigned to each Guest. If you take the wrong bed, or decide to change the bed arbitrarily, each Guest will be subject to a commission, which must be paid immediately. For more details, see the Fees and Charges Policy.

The lockers are burglar-proof. The only way to open the locker is with the key, or the blowtorch.

During their stay at the hostel, each user is responsible for their computer devices as well as for the software and services needed to use the online services. With the creation of their account, each user has the right to access the online services, and is also responsible for protecting their personal password and all activities performed online, as well as for any charges, commissions and taxes relating to messages and data for the use of online services.

New Generation Hostel reserves the right to update or terminate the online services and inform the user that the online services may be interrupted when updating and / or modifying the computer systems and / or the online website. New Generation Hostel cannot be held responsible for events that have occurred to the user during the period of interruption and / or updating of the computer systems. The user acknowledges and accepts that New Generation Hostel has the right to update, modify or terminate the online services, including by removing the functionality or access from any New Generation Hostel mobile App.

By creating your account and accessing online services, the user can choose to receive from New Generation Hostel an e-mail to the address he wishes to indicate, or text messages to the mobile number he wishes to provide and elect his own domicile where to receive communications only at the email address or mobile number that you have indicated. By providing your email address and / or your mobile number, the user understands and agrees to receive marketing, transactional and other messages. New Generation Hostel will provide any communications to the user only through the means (email or text message) chosen in accordance with the New Generation Hostel privacy policy, as described in detail in the Global Privacy Statement pursuant to art. 13-14 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) n.679 / 2016, and published on the website. In particular, at the end of the booking process (or with the booking confirmation) the user agrees to receive the following communications: - an e-mail, shortly before the arrival date, with information on the destination location and the offers and / or promotions relating to the Reservation made; - one or more e-mails (if the reservation concerns several people) with the link for online check-in; - an e-mail, after making a Booking, in case the payment fails or is canceled for any reason; - an e-mail after arrival at the hostel, to evaluate your travel experience; - an email, immediately after the stay, with an invitation to complete the guest review form. The user is solely responsible in the event of incorrect transmission of their data, telephone numbers and / or email addresses. For correspondence and communications with New Generation Hostel, the user must only use the address of the hostel with which he concluded the booking process. At the end of the booking process, the user is directly connected to the booking engine of the chosen hostel and, for all online communications relating to the booking, he or she has the obligation to contact only the chosen hotel where he booked, which is also the single point of contact for any question relating to the user's stay. New Generation Hostel cannot be held responsible in any way for erroneous transmissions of communications or complaints, which have not been properly directed to the reference hostel (with which a booking process has been completed).

Certain online services may allow you to submit comments, observations, suggestions, ideas, graphics, photographs, questions, complaints or other information published or communicated to New Generation Hostel through the online services (collectively, "contributions"). You understand that by submitting any information to New Generation Hostel through online services, you are granting New Generation Hostel a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, sublicense to others, modify, translate, prepare derivative works, publicly display and publicly perform submissions, including using them for any commercial or other purpose without approval or compensation from you or any other person, including use for any commercial or other purpose anything without approval or compensation from you or any other person. New Generation Hostel will not be required to treat any consignments as confidential.

Guests with special care needs related to a disability or medical condition must communicate their needs prior to making a reservation at the hostel, in order to ensure normal operation within the hostel and to ensure that the room type is available during your stay in the hostel.

New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right to refuse to host a user even if they have already checked in, cancel any existing or subsequent Reservations (without any right of refund), and without any liability, if • The user may endanger or endanger the safety of the hostel or the health or safety of any person in the hostel; • The user shows up drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the hostel; • The user has smoked or is found smoking (or attempting to smoke) in the hostel (outside the permitted areas). In this case, however, the user is required to pay an ad hoc fee. Please see our Fees and Charges Policy for more details; • There are good reasons to believe that the user is in illegal possession of drugs; • The user manifests a mental or physical state that puts himself, the hostel or any other person in it in danger or at risk; • The user has caused damage, injury or has used threatening, offensive, obscene language or behavior towards a member of staff or any Guest; • The user has committed a crime during the Booking process, the check-in process or in the hostel; • The user constitutes a danger or a risk to himself or to other people or to property; • It is ensured that any documentation submitted by the user: a) Has been acquired illegally; b) has been reported as lost or stolen; c) is counterfeit or subject to payment fraud; • the user does not have an identification document, • the user refuses to pay taxes and duties required by law, • the user refuses to pre-authorize the security deposit.

New Generation Hostel may also update these terms at any time and in its sole discretion. If New Generation Hostel makes material changes to the terms, we will notify you by any reasonable means, for example by posting the new terms on the online service. If you do not agree to the modified terms, you must immediately stop using the online services and request New Generation Hostel to close any online services account created. To close your account, you can contact us at

New Generation Hostel has no liability for any failure to perform any of its obligations under these terms caused by or related to any event beyond New Generation Hostel's reasonable control. If such an event occurs, New Generation Hostel's obligations under these terms will be suspended for the duration of the event; and New Generation Hostel may, but is not obligated to, make every reasonable effort to find a solution whereby its obligations under these terms can be performed despite the event.

These terms and conditions and the provision of our services will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian law. These terms will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian law, notwithstanding any principle of conflict of laws. While these terms only govern the online services between New Generation Hostel and you (nor other New Generation Hostel System Members are parties to these terms), all other New Generation Hostel System Members are third party beneficiaries under these terms and will have the right to assert against you those rights that New Generation Hostel holds under these terms to the extent that such terms may affect them; there are no other third party beneficiaries in these terms. The terms are written in Italian. Any translation of the terms into another language is provided solely for the convenience of the user and, in the event of a conflict between the two, the Italian version prevails. Upon termination of these terms or your authorization to use the online services, all rights granted to you under the terms will cease; however, these terms will continue to apply to your prior use of the online services and to anything related to or arising from such use. Upon termination, all rights of New Generation Hostel and other members of the New Generation Hostel System, including all intellectual property rights, proprietary rights and licenses under these terms, will survive, as well as any restrictions on use. Each of the terms and conditions in these terms is severable and operates separately. If any of them are illegal, void or unenforceable, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect. If New Generation Hostel does not insist that you perform any of your obligations under these terms, or if New Generation Hostel does not enforce its rights against you, or delays in doing so, it does not mean that New Generation Hostel has waived. your rights against and does not mean that you must not comply with those obligations. New Generation Hostel may transfer its rights and obligations under these terms to another organization or entity, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these terms. You can transfer your rights or obligations under these terms to another person only if New Generation Hostel agrees in writing.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us at