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Fees And Charges Policy

Last updated: October 29, 2019

We're keeping our fares as low as possible whilst giving you the flexibility to add additional services only if you need them.

Find all services we offer listed below, with a clear explanation of why they exist and how you pay for them.


  • Administration fee, per booking – FREE

  • Credit / debit card transactions – FREE

We don't charge you to pay by credit card.
Cards accepted: Visa (credit card), MasterCard (credit card)

  • Infant or children – regular price
    Hostel safety regulations require us to respect certain cubic meters of oxygen per room. So, in every room there are as many beds as the maximum number of people that can be accommodated. This also applies to children, who, even if they can share a bed with a parent, must still be counted according to the maximum occupation required by law.

  • Government taxes – Not included

The city tax may vary depending on the country or city and must be settled at the hostel.

  • Check-in at the hostel, per person – €3

Online check-in is mandatory. An extra fee may occur if you have not checked-in prior arrival.

Changes and cancellations.

Our rates are non-refundable (except set out in the terms and conditions). However, we do understand that sometimes plans change and you may need to amend your booking.

Our Customer Services Team is there to help customers who are unable to manage their bookings online or need special assistance. Where it's possible to make changes to your booking online we will apply an additional fixed charge on top of the charges below if you ask our Customer Service team to do it for you.

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of booking, per person– €30

We will provide a full refund minus an administrative charge.

  • Spelling mistakes & title changes – FREE

If you make a spelling mistake, (e.g. Mary to May, or Nick to Nicholas) or need to change a title you can do this for no extra charge.

  • Name change - 60 days or less before arrival, per guest – €30

If you would like to transfer your booking to a different person, you can do so for a fee, but without paying any price difference. This is cheaper to do further in advance.

  • Upper bed choice, per person – €8

Subject to availability

  • Loft bed choice, per person – €6

Subject to availability

  • Bottom bed choice, per person – €8

Subject to availability

  • Change bed and room upon arrival, per person - €10

Subject to availability

  • Early check-in, per person – €10

Subject to availability – up until 2.00 p.m.

  • Late check-out, per person – €20

Subject to availability – up until 2.00 p.m.

  • Late check-out, per person – €50

After 2 p.m.

Extra amenities.

Our low fares include bed linen, pillow and blanket, unless stated otherwise.

We offer a number of services in addition to our accommodation; you can purchase these additional services through our website.

  • Traditional Italian Breakfast, per person per night – €2,70

1 choice of hot drink and 1 croissant

  • Rich Traditional Italian Breakfast, per person per night – €5,50

1 choice of hot drink, 1 croissant, rusks, choice of jelly and fruit juice

  • Left luggage, per piece per 24 hours €4

  • Bed linen and pillowcase change, per day – €6

  • Towel set – €3

1 big towel and 1 small towel

  • Simply Home kit – €5,00

1 big towel, 1 small towel, soap, shower gel

  • Beauty Box – €6,00

1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 soap, 1 pair of slippers

  • Parking per 24 hours – €15,00

Subject to availability and at participating New Generation Hostels

Miscellaneous fees.

New Generation Hostel and the hostels reserve the right to recover from any additional costs incurred as a result of your misconduct, breach or non-compliance with relevant requirements.

  • Occupation of wrong bed – €12

  • Locker key (lost/not given back) Replacement – €20

  • Locker key broken inside lock – €80

  • The locker is burglar proof, in order to open it we will have to use the oxidation blade

  • Room key (lost/not given back) Replacement – €20

  • Room key broken inside lock – €70

Regular door

  • Room key broken inside lock – €300

Fire door

  • Keychain Replacement – €60

  • Smoking in the hostel, per person – €250 to €2.500

Other than in permitted areas

2. How To Contact Us.

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us at