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New Generation Hostel works for me.

I'm going places. I want to have fun and I like challenges.

I am looking for a job that fits in my life and leaves me the choice to be inspired by what I do: growing along side my team colleagues, making new friends, and building a career.

I know that at New Generation Hostel every team member works with energy and motivation to learn new skills.

New Generation Hostel is the place for me, because I know that from here on in, I can go further than I thought possible.

I am making my move. Let's talk.


The General Manager is responsible for running a profitable hostel and for making sure the hostel meets New Generation Hostel critical customer standards of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. These standards are very high, so this is a big job! The General Manager works with his/her leader to set the hostel’s goals and creates a plan to achieve the goals.

To meet New Generation Hostel goals, the General Manager doesn’t work alone. He or she leads a team of Department Managers that has specific responsibilities in the hostel. This means helping the Department Managers to set their own goals, following up on their progress, and providing coaching and direction to improve their Departments. By improving the Departments, the hostel improves!

The General Manager may also be responsible for hiring and developing Department and Shift Managers to make sure that the hostel has the right team to lead into the future.

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