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New Generation Hostel Tirana Center is located in the historical center and next to Blloku, also known as Ish-Blloku or Block (First Block), the busiest neighborhood in the whole of Tirana: a colorful quadrant of the city that is teeming with restaurants, bars, boutiques, art galleries, discos and clubs of all kinds . An unmissable stop for younger tourists, who love to spend their evenings here in the company of friends and new acquaintances in pubs and night clubs, and for the older ones, who can breathe the intellectual air of the Albanian capital among small literary cafes and museums .
Blloku is also one of the favorite destinations of the inhabitants of Tirana themselves, because it fully represents the change in the country after the long government of Enver Hoxha. After being for many years the district where the governor's collaborators lived exclusively, inaccessible to any other inhabitant because protected by a security cordon, it is now the most avant-garde area in all of Tirana, among whose streets you can breathe clearly a European atmosphere.
It is easily reachable on foot from the city center, or by taking the Unaza bus line, the characteristic means of public transport that makes an exact turn around the streets of the capital. “area that never sleeps”: here you can find pubs, restaurants and clubs open 24 hours.

Sheshi Skenderbej and Bulevardi Dëshmorët and Kombit, are surrounded by many luxury boutiques, and restaurants.
Among the main buildings of Tirana nearby the hostel, it is worth mentioning the Ethem Bey Mosque, the Fortress of Justinian, and the Clock Tower, today's symbol of the city.


Closest landmarks

National Theatre of Opera and Ballet 100 m
National Arts Gallery 100 m
Skanderbeg Square 0 km
Sky Tower 800 m
National Sport Park 2.4 km
Dajti Express 4.2 km
Et’Hem Bey Mosque 200 m
“Ish-Bllok” 1.2 km
Cinema Millennium 1 km
Castel of Tirana 800 m
Toptani shopping Center 1 km
Tirana Ring Center 1.3 km
Coin Tower Tirana 1.9 km
Palace of Culture 300 m
Natural Beauty:

Lana River 500 m
Tirana Lake Lake 1 km
Dajti Mountain 4 km
Adriatik Sea 30 km
Beach of Durres 40 km


Famous Restaurants nearby!

Traditional Albanese Restaurant 300 m
Delano Lounge Restaurant 400 m

Coffee shops

Coffeeshops nearby!

Prince coffeeshop 0 km
Egi’s coffeeshop 100 m

Pubs & Clubs

Clubs, Pubs and Discoteques nearby!

Observator Piano bar 400 m
4 Elementet nightclub 100 m
Club Amsterdam 900 m


Poliklinika Doctor's Hospital 1,2 km


Big Market 100 m
Pharmacy Farmanet 200 m


Shopping nearby!

Biloku district 1.2 km
Toptani shopping Center 800 m


Botanical Gardens 0 km

Gas Stations

Shell 300 m
Alpet Selvia 500 m